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How Can I Keep From Losing Business During Construction?

Construction in your area of town is normally bringing good news as well as causing a problem for you at the moment. In the long run, better roads and more opportunities will bring more customers.  In the here and now it can be driving them away, however. You are not alone with this problem!

With the new wave of public works projects happening all over the country designed to stimulate the economy, our public officials and local businesses are familiar with the need for construction mitigation. 

What is construction mitigation, you may ask: it is the measure cities take to counteract the negative side effects construction has. Public works projects can seriously disrupt your business activities. Construction mitigation/relief is there to help your business through this difficult time .

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My Store Suffers From High Employee Turnover

Whatever is causing your high employee turnover is the same thing that causes high absenteeism. 

Employee turnover is going to be a normal part of a healthy business due to retirement, graduating, changing locations, etc. Businesses that hire seasonally will naturally also have a high turnover. Forbes magazine stated that any rate below 15% annually is healthy and is in no way a cause for alarm. So before you get uptight about losing an employee or two, check your stats. Now, an unhealthy turnover can have a serious effect on your business. It negatively affects you emotionally and financially. The more turnover you have the more holes you have in your business.

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3 Easy Steps to Staying Fit on a Busy Work Schedule

Has your work taken over the majority of your time and left you wondering how to stay in shape?  I’m here to give you three easy tips to implement during your busy work schedule to help you stay (or get) in shape and staying fit throughout your work years. 

Step 1: Eat Around Your Schedule

      Do you often have lunch meetings at restaurants with big clients?  Are your days filled with running your own business, and never having a chance to stop for more than 10 minutes to eat?  Whatever your schedule is at work, you need to eat at some point.  The best way to plan your diet is by finding out which times you are the busiest and have the least options.  Leave yourself extra calories and to be eaten at these times, as you won’t have much time to find something healthy on such a tight schedule.  If you own your own business you may find yourself eating fast food for lunch every day.  Allow yourself the luxury of this by eating a small breakfast, and when your day slows down and you have time for dinner make a salad or another healthy option.  The basics here are to leave the stressful moments of your life open to more food options, and control your food choices when you have more time to plan. 

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Should My Company Use Black Hat SEO?

            The short answer: SE-NO! 

        What exactly is black hat SEO? 

      Black hat SEO is the “art” of using fake traffic, likes, viewers, followers, backlinks, and more in your online marketing.  Many people sell these services for dirt cheap, and they may seem like a good idea at first, but they’re not.  You can buy 10,000 Twitter followers here for just $2.  The problem with these followers, and all of the big Twitter packages like this, is that the followers are fake. These accounts are made with proxies, software, and massive lists of names and profile pictures to emulate real people.  These accounts, however, are usually banned and deleted from Twitter once a proxy has been found to be creating too many accounts.  This means that your 10,000 new followers will likely drop to zero eventually, and your Twitter profile will look very suspicious to people who have seen it with the 10,000 extra followers.  Even if you’re lucky enough to receive followers which don’t get banned; these followers are fake and will never interact with your tweets. 

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20 Minutes of Social Media a Day, Will Keep Your Competitors Away

Do you want to spend less time on social media but get better results?

You're not alone.

A study by online-marketing firm Vertical Response consulted around 500 small business owners about their social media use. Their findings showed that business owners who said they wanted to spend less time on social media, where also not satisfied with the results of their social media efforts. Coincidence? Probably not.

So, what if you could spend less time on social media and see better results?

Business owners are concerned with profits, so if their social media strategies were increasing revenue, then they would be eager to invest time and resources on it. So, when a business says that ‘they don’t have time for social media’, what they are often really communicating is that ‘it’s not worth their time, because it’s not giving them the outcomes they want’.

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Do Facebook Likes Matter?

What is someone saying when they "like" your Facebook page?

They are saying that they are your fans. 

A fan is good.

It shows: 

  • Intent to subscribe
  • Potential sales
  • Potential to communicate with customers

Is it easy to reach those fans once you have them?

When someone "likes" your page don't they become an  immediate active ready audience for you?

Well... maybe. 

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Say it Like You Meme it: How to Use Memes as a Marketing Tool

You know those photos and videos with funny sayings that show up in your social media feeds? Like the photo of the Success Kid, Dos Equis guy, Honey Badger or Willy Wonka? Are they just meant to be entertaining, or is there a purpose for them?

Good question, right?

The answer is: both. Some are meant to entertain, but savvy companies have figured out how to use them for marketing purposes.

They’re called memes: photos, videos and words (including Twitter hashtags, e.g., #londonolympics) that humorously capture what’s going on in our culture.

The sign of good marketing is when the message sent resonates with the person receiving it. If a meme captures the essence of a topic and gets passed on, becoming “viral”, then you clearly know the message has been received. Memes make great marketing tools because they have a quick message, they’re funny, people feel “in on the joke” and you can share them.

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Creating and Maintaining Repeat Customers

If you own a business you are already beginning to understand the importance of repeat customers. It is nice to have a customer come in for the first time, but let's face it, it is really about that second sale! 

Eyes light up when they step through your doors 

the second, third and even fourth time. 

As you read this I believe you will see just how crucial to your business repeat customers are. 

Statistics state 25 - 40% of all revenues come from returning customers.

The third time through the doors there is approximately 54% higher chance you will see them again. Repeat customers are the foundation that a successful business is built on, as well as makes a business more solid and long lasting. If you do not have an excessive amount of money to spend to draw in new customers; take a serious look at my tips on getting the faces you already have back in your store. 

Getting the loyalty of your current customers is the way to go!  

Here are a few tried-and-true tips to draw returning customers:

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Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant in this Digital Age?

Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant in this Digital Age?

The answer to this is, plain and simple, yes!

It is amazing that times are changing so fast that there are those that don't know what traditional marketing is. Traditional marketing is any type of advertising that has proven to be successful for companies over the years.

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Picreel with HubSpot

Have you been looking around for a great way to increase conversion on your website?  Maybe it’s a blog, an e-commerce site, or your free e-book signup landing page. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of options out there to increase conversions on your website.  However, many of them come at a substantial cost, that, let’s face it, many small businesses can’t come even close to being able to afford.  BounceExchange, for example, starts at $3,995 per month.  That could very well be your entire marketing budget for the month depending on the size and goals of your business.

Luckily, there are cheaper alternatives out there.  The alternative that I am going to discuss and help you set up today is called “Picreel”.  Picreel is an affordable option in the world of website conversion, and it offers a boatload of great features that you would expect to pay much more for.  The lowest option starts at $19 / month, and the most expensive option only reaches the price point of $399.00 which is suggested for websites receiving 3,000,000 (yes, that’s three million) views per month who I am guessing can afford much more at that point.

So what does it do?  Picreel offers popup Call to Action screens.  These screens can be customized to your heart’s content, and each screen can have a different goal in mind.  For example, you can have one popup appear when a visitor first enters your site.  This popup might have the goal of having them sign up for your E-Mail newsletter or blog updates.  You can have popups to push visitors to a certain landing page, or even offer them a coupon.  The great thing about these popups is that they can be programmed to appear due to a certain trigger.  Triggers include entering the website, time on website, scrolling (popup will appear when a certain percent of the page has been scrolled down to), exiting the website, etc.  An example Picreel popup from our own website is screenshotted below:


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